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Our Approach

Led by licensed clinicians with lived experiences similar to those whose lives we wish to impact, we are currently interviewing community members for our Coeur Team. This crucial team will consist of 3-5 leaders who will focus on: 1) cultivating group kinship, 2) individual healing programs, and 3) developing the business plan for the KYnship Works full launch. 

Over the next six months, we will train each other with our gifts: healing, creativity, research, strategic planning, business development skills. And with our many excited social enterprise partners, we will build the business foundation to launch 2-3 new businesses/business-divisions whose revenue will help sustain the healing and community-building of KYnship Works.

What makes us different?

1) Our number one goal is not job placement or wealth building; it is instead kinship: a trusted belonging to one another. With kinship, we know that all else is possible.  

2) We will not use deficit-based language to define people. We will instead anchor our introductions around the gifts we are seeking to give to one another. We welcome you to join us in this worthy, and at times challenging, change of language.


Overview of objectives:

  • Listen, learn, and heal together 

  • Receive mentoring from representatives of Homeboy Industries and members of the Global Homeboy Network

  • Take inventory of the local employers, learning institutions, programs, healing professionals whose values align with those envisioned by our Kinship Team

  • Co-create a business plan that establishes and/or partners with at least 3 social enterprises prepared to emulate the healing work environment modeled at Homeboy Industries.

  • Pitch the plan to local social impact investors, donors and others willing to contribute human and financial capital needed to the launch and sustain the social enterprises for their first 3 years of operations.

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